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Dog and Cat Doors

Having to get up and down to let your dog or cat outside?  Pet Doors allow your furry companions to go in and out as they wish allowing you to relax at the end of the day.

With your slider or Hinge door in the locked position Pet doors are an assurance while you are away that your Pet can go outside if nature calls and at the same time you will have a higher level of assurance your carpets and floors are not soiled.

We have Cat doors and Dog doors that come in 4 different sizes. If you want to keep the kritters out for a period of time and still have the convenience of a screen... each door comes with a Safe tempered masonite panel.

Pet Guards

Pet Guards provide protection from your Pet's Claws from damaging your screens. They come in 2 styles and a variety of colors.

Pet Screen

Has your Dog or Cat ever torn or damaged your screens?
We can replace your worn out insect screen material on your doors and windows with Pet Screen. Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than regular fiberglass screen. Pet Screen is more resistant to tears and rips from animals and still provides an insects barrier.