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Child and Pet Grills Screen

We want you to be able to protect your investment during those rambunctious moments when a beloved pet or growing child challenge the integrity of your custom made screen doors.

We custom install Pet Grills also known as Dog Grills and Child Screens to help teetering toddlers from falling into your screen door.

Another possible solution other than a petgrill is Pet Screen or Pet resistant Screen products... ask us about these particular screen materials if you would like to avoid the grill fastened to the bottom half of a door.

Suntex Screen works great for pit bulls, boxers, and cats. If your existing opening will accept the material this is a great way to get a great view with out the grill and protect your investment. Pet Screen is made with polyester coated fiberglass and it takes a beating.


  • Mill/Silver
  • White
  • Bronze
Child and Pet Grills Screen | Sonoma | Santa Rosa